Archive | September, 2012

News Release

28 Sep

I will be reviewing my friends news release for the third blog post for this assignment. The picture below will provide the reader with something to compare this review to.

Her news release was a couple of paragraphs too long. Brevity in a news release is better for the journalist who is reading to publish it. By wasting a journalists time by sending to many long new releases can irritate the professional and have them never read your work so the information never makes it to the public. A news release should be short and to the point. Informing the journalist briefing about the story and then an easy way of contacting the sender or anyone in charge of the project.


Blog Review

20 Sep

The blog I will be reviewing is Little Miss Momma blog page. The overall appeal of this website is that the images the author has incorporated into the theme are well executed.

One of the things that I found distracting on the blog was all the different advertising. It was very hard to differentiate what was a link to a DIY project or something that the blogger is promoting. All of the links worked on the page allowing for easy access to pages. The amount of writing on the blog pots was enough to get the point across and not so short that I was left wanting to read more on the topic.
I really enjoyed the colorful backgrounds and picture tutorials for cooking or craft projects. Overall this blog is a healthy balance from the guidelines we are learning in class.

Website Review

13 Sep

For my first post I will be reviewing the Dover Saddlery website.

Upon reaching the homepage the first thing that stood out to me was that there is a lot of text in the upper portion of the page.  The pictures of the horses need to be bigger to balance out all the text. One thing I had a hard time understand is why they put two search bars right next to each other.

The color scheme of gray, green and tan looks beautiful and compliments the horse pictures on the page. All of the links work on the homepage, which is a great aspect of the website. Another thing I felt that was effective was the well organized design. The text was centered in the middle of the page giving the reader easy text to read.