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14 Oct

In lab last week we learned about what makes a print advertisement effective. For my blog post I decided to analyze the Absolute advertisement below.

This ad portrays two very important messages in this one print ad. Using the iconic silhouette of the bottle to inform the reader as to what company the ad is for is very effective as an ad. The second important role of the silhouette is the bottle is acting as a dead body on the sidewalk to represent a person has died from not drinking responsibly.

Incorporating the “mandatory” that the company has to include to drink responsibly as part of the ad is extremely clever. Absolute had the car crash incorporate the iconic bottle figure in the ad effectively. In addition to minimal copy on the ad and just the tagline of the product is simple and well defines the repercussions of drinking and driving. This ad very effectively addresses the main issue with drinking and acting stupidly.


Feature Story

8 Oct


This feature story about a well known equestrian friend of mine. This feature story was written directly to the equestrian audience of the website. Overall the article was on the short side for a feature story. This certain event has affected the equestrian community greatly so any and all information about the Olympics has been important for many to hear about.

The quotes that were chosen to be included were relevant to story and gave good insight as to what Lauren went through. By allowing the reader to feel the emotional events unravel is what makes this story special.

After reading many feature stories I believe this one maybe rather on the short side of a feature stories but was informative at the length it was.

Media Kit

5 Oct

After having to complete my first media kit I realized that compiling this group of documents is not an easy task.

This example does a great job of organizing all of the information in a media kit that is trying to be conveyed to the client. Being able to give the more information in a short and organized manner is important to not waste anyone’s time that will be reading the information to possibly publish.

Compiling all the information needed for a media kit is a extensive process. Being able to present a company with a media kit is a useful tool to market a story or event. The end result needs to be professional and organized. The most important part of the media kit is to make sure to included contact information for anyone who may give assistance to make this story or event a success. The easier the reader can get the idea of a story or pitch the more likely the story will be published. The more exposure a story gets is sometimes a result of how well put together the media kit was.

By providing a professional  with a  media kit the story will most likely be published if the sender is a reputable source and has done good work in the past. Having a relationship with a professional writer or editor opens up many opportunities for a piece to be showcased or expanded upon.