My secret garden

3 Aug

Sometimes we get caught up in the chaos of completing our to do lists and focusing on the work grind, that we don’t take the time to sit back and enjoy a cappuccino. I thought back to last summer and remembered all the coffee and gelato and that I needed to get back to the whole enjoying the present moment.

A close friend shared a great quote with me the other day… “Oprah wasn’t made in a day.” For the life of me I couldn’t remember when the last time I took time to go to lunch. Since life is worth enjoying I scooped up the closest friend and headed off to what I call my own secret garden in the middle of Dallas. Forty Five Ten’s T Room.

If you have never been before I highly suggest it for a mid-day pick me up or lunch spot.

The restaurant is connected to what I dare say is the greatest collaboration of home goods, clothing and fragrances in Dallas. Word to the wise, unless you plan on buying everything and have zero self control like myself, park in the back.


They carry every sort of candle a girl can lust over. You are forewarned.



After walking through a little slice of heaven you reach the T Room.




We quickly ordered glasses of Prosecco and did not mess around to getting properly caught up on the weekends festivities. The menu changes seasonally and they offer a combo option for those of you who simply cannot make up your mind and wish to order a bit of everything.



I opted for the combo artichoke panini and hearts of palm salad subbing cheese for avocado. My luch mate opted for the tuna melt and seasonal watermelon salad.


IMG_3266 IMG_3264


After eating to our hearts content, we found out they were all of JOY macaroons. These little round delights are worth hunting down. Guess that may end up being another adventure. The waitress really had to persuade us into settling for the flour-less chocolate cake.




After realizing all the other lunching ladies had left, we realized we must get back to the concrete jungle ourselves.



Not without an almond milk cappuccino though.





Rating: Five Star

Low Down: Vegan & carnivore approved.

The Spot: T Room inside Forty Five Ten- reservation suggested



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